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Where to Place Permits

Critical Parking Permit

You must place the sticker on or near the rear bumper of the vehicle as close as possible to the license plate. Placing your sticker incorrectly will result in a ticket.

Stickers are not transferable. If you sell your vehicle, a duplicate sticker can be purchased for $25.00.

Cold or humid conditions may reduce the permits ability to stick. Make sure your bumper is clean and dry before affixing sticker.

Visitor and Service Vehicle Permits

Visitor and Service Permits must be placed in the front window on the driver’s side. Rest the permit on the dash board or prop it against the windshield so that it can be easily read from outside.

Failure to place your permit properly will result in a ticket.


Permits only entitle you to special consideration in your Critical Parking Area on streets marked "No Parking Except by Permit." Please refer to your area map for details.

You are still subject to rush hour restrictions, temporary no parking signs, street sweeping restrictions, and snow emergency restrictions.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011