"NNO and Block Clubs"

Block clubs are the focus of Minneapolis' National Night Out (NNO). Block clubs are groups of neighbors who watch out for each other, report crimes and suspicious activity to 911, and work together to improve the quality of life on their block. Organizing or reactivate your block club and participation on National Night Out (NNO, first Tuesday every August).

There are many advantages to getting involved in a block club. Participants have easy access to such police services as home security checks, notification about crime patterns and crime statistics information. For many people, getting to know neighbors, particularly those from other cultures and backgrounds, is just plain fun. People who know their neighbors also feel more secure and less fearful. Ultimately, crime prevention experts report that neighbors watching out for each other help prevent crime and make life on our blocks safer and more livable.

Although Minneapolis already has a strong network of block clubs, many people have not yet reaped the advantages of participation, leaving themselves more vulnerable to crime and fear. Toward that end the Minneapolis Police Department has set a goal of organizing 90% of all blocks by the end of 2014.  You can help us get there sooner: Add your block club to those celebrating NNO as active block clubs!

If you would like to help organize or reactivate a block club on your block or an apartment club in your building, contact your crime prevention specialist. Call 311 (or (612) 673-3000) or link to our directory of MPD Crime Prevention Specialists.

Last updated Jul 30, 2013