Violent crime drops to one of the lowest levels in Minneapolis in more than 25 years

Minneapolis crime has dropped to one of the lowest levels in more than 25 years according to City officials. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Dec. 20, Mayor R.T. Rybak and Police Chief Tim Dolan reported that innovative new policing strategies and a continued focus on guns has helped the city reach a fourth straight year in reduction in violent crime, to one of the lowest levels in 25 years.

2009 had the lowest level of Part I crimes (which include violent crime and property crime) since 1963, and 2010 is on course to end with approximately the same levels. As a subset of Part I crime, violent crime has dropped compared to 2009. Year-to-date as of Dec. 13, violent crime is down 5.2 percent compared to 2009, and is likely to end the year as one of the lowest rates in the city in the last 25 years.

The Minneapolis Police Department’s Strategic Operations Center opened in fall 2010, as part of the City's new Emergency Operations Training Facility. The Strategic Information Center is a space where the Police Department analyzes data to determine long-range trends that pose potential risks to the city. The center can also provide emergency managers with important information during a major event, incident or disaster.

As part of its evidence-based policing efforts, Minneapolis police also put a new focus in 2010 on crime hot spots, recognizing that places are more predictable than people in responding proactively to potential criminal activity.

Published Dec 20, 2010