Minneapolis mobile grocery store options expand

Today, the Minneapolis City Council and Mayor Betsy Hodges approved new rules that will allow mobile grocery stores to offer a bigger selection of healthy foods and operate in more locations than before. Food trucks that sell groceries are often viewed as a vehicle to align nutrition, food access, local farmers and jobs. 

Under the new regulations, mobile grocery stores will be limited to parking lots of commercial, industrial or high density residential properties. No mobile grocery store may operate within 100 feet of a licensed grocery store or operating farmers markets except with express permission of that grocery store or farmers market. All must offer at least 50 items of fresh fruits and vegetables in at least seven varieties. They cannot sell alcohol, tobacco or tobacco related products. Non-food items will only be allowed as a minor accessory (making up no more than 10 percent of the goods offered for sale). Hours of operation will be 7 a.m.-10 p.m., and there are reasonable restrictions on noise, litter, vehicle storage and locations.

This ordinance change aligns with the City goals that businesses — big and small — start here, stay here, thrive here; and that healthy choices are easy and economical.Homegrown Minneapolis is a citywide initiative expanding our community’s ability to grow, process, distribute, eat and compost more healthy, sustainable, locally grown foods. The City of Minneapolis is committed to citywide economic opportunity, social equality, and environmental health.

Published May 23, 2014