Minnehaha Creek Watershed District monitoring high water

Recent rains have caused high water levels on lakes and streams throughout the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD).  As of Wednesday, May 21, the water level on Lake Minnetonka was 930.33 feet, which is an increase of 2.64 inches since Monday.   

In response to the high lake level, MCWD is currently discharging water at the Gray’s Bay Dam at a rate of 300 cubic feet per second.  The District operates the Dam in accordance with an operating plan approved by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to reduce flooding on Lake Minnetonka and Minnehaha Creek.  Also, there is approximately 97 cubic feet per second of additional water flowing over the emergency spillway north of the Dam. The spillway is a fixed structure that allows for unrestricted release of water when the lake rises above 930 feet.

Due to high, fast-moving water, downed trees and other debris, Minnehaha Creek is not safe for paddling until further notice.  Downed trees are blocking the creek east of Hopkins Crossroads and some bridge underpasses are not navigable because of insufficient clearance for watercraft.

The high water declaration for Lake Minnetonka, announced last week by the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District, remains in effect.  During a high water declaration, watercraft operators must adhere to additional minimum wake restrictions within 600 feet of shore and in other regulated areas of the lake. For more information on the high water declaration, visit http://www.lmcd.org.

MCWD Operations & Maintenance Department staff will continue to monitor water levels on Lake Minnetonka and Minnehaha Creek daily as long as high water levels persist.

For updates on creek conditions, visit http://www.minnehahacreek.org.


Published May 21, 2014