With more than 3,300 households in the year 2000, Powderhorn Park's average household size rose steadily in 20 years to 2.7 people per household in comparison with 2.3 citywide. Between 1980 and 1990, average household size in the neighborhood was at similar levels to citywide household size, but in the following decade it increased to a higher level than Minneapolis'.

The increase in household size is closely related to household composition. Between 1990 and 2000, the number of family households increased very slightly by 33, but the number of people living alone over the age of 65 decreased by more than 150 households. However, in 2000 there were more people in the neighborhood younger than 65 living alone than in 1990.

The proportion of householders in Powderhorn Park living alone has steadily fallen since 1980. A higher percent of residents throughout the city live alone.

In the group of people 65 years old and older, the proportion living alone is declining since 1990 more than in the City.

The proportion of families with children and adolescents increased in the city in both decades, but slightly decreased in Powderhorn Park from 1990 to 2000. Powderhorn Park still had a higher proportion than the city of families in this category. In the last decade the number of families with children under 18 was quite stable in the neighborhood, increasing from 1,087 in 1990 to 1,088 in 2000, even though the proportion decreased by 1 percent.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011