Location and General Characteristics

Lyndale neighborhood, located in south-central Minneapolis, is bound on the north by Lake Street, on the east by Interstate 35W and Stevens Avenue, on the south by 36 th Street and on the west by Lyndale Avenue South. The neighborhood was named for Lyndale Avenue, which in turn takes its name from Lyndale farm, a 1,400-acre farm owned by Hon. William S. King. The name of the farm was in honor of Mr. King's father, Rev. Lyndon King, an itinerant Methodist minister of northern New York, who was named for Josiah Lyndon, colonial governor of Rhode Island in 1768-1769.

The neighborhood is predominantly residential, with a large percentage (about 36 percent) of land in parcels occupied by multifamily residential uses. Commercial uses tend to concentrate along Lake Street. The Lyndale neighborhood has one of the highest populations of artists in the nation.

This building houses an NSP generator at the corner of Garfield Avenue and 33 rd Street West. In 1996, the neighbors hid the generator behind paintings of fish and other aquatic creatures and called it the "aquarium."

Last updated Sep 27, 2011