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One Minneapolis Fund

The One Minneapolis Fund is designed to support the development of diverse leadership development and community engagement in the City of Minneapolis. Community or Cultural organizations should submit proposals for projects that develop leaders and engage communities. The organizations must be both:

  1. Grounded in cultural and/or community organizations and
  2.  Actively working toward building an inclusive Minneapolis.

The name “One Minneapolis” is used for the fund as a challenge to create an inclusive community in which all people are valued, all communities are engaged, and leadership mirrors the great diversity of our city. The One Minneapolis Fund is facilitated by the Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) and is funded by the General Fund of the City of Minneapolis budget.

Now Seeking Proposals for the One Minneapolis Fund 2015 Program Cycle

The One Minneapolis Fund provides grants to community organizations for leadership development programs and community engagement activities.

A total of $182,000 is available from the One Minneapolis Fund in 2015. Community organizations may apply for up to $25,000 in funding for projects. To be eligible for funding from the program, an organization must be a non-governmental, non-profit organization serving residents of Minneapolis. Neighborhoods who receive Community Participation Program funding are not eligible to apply, however, they may partner with a community organization on a project in which the community organization serves as the applicant to the One Minneapolis Fund.

Proposals are due by 4:00 PM on April 6, 2015. Any questions on the program should be submitted in writing to Download a copy of the One Minneapolis Fund RFP

Request for Proposal (RFP) Questions and Answers are now availible.

2014 Grant Cycle:

The following organizations were awarded funding for the 2014 grant cycle:

Lake Street Council - $15,000. The Lake Street Council is a business association serving the Lake Street area. The Council will partner with the Latino Economic Development Center and the YWCA to provide civic engagement training to people of color and immigrants who are small business owners.

Appetite for Change - $15,000. The One Minneapolis Fund grant will be used as part of the larger Good Food Advocacy Campaign. This project works to build the leadership capacity of African-American and low-income individuals to lead the food movement, connect with other communities in Minneapolis and increase community and civic engagement around food issues.

Council on American Islamic Relations - $10,000. This project will provide training in leadership development and civic engagement to Muslims in Minneapolis. The goal is to remove barriers and increase civic participation among currently under engaged groups.

Asian Media Access - $15,000. This grant would fund the Project PENN initiative, which is a place-based effort to engage under represented communities in North Minneapolis. The focus will be on developing leaders for an economic development scan and vision plan focused on the Penn and Plymouth Avenue Corridors.

Youth Care - $10,000. This funding would support a project with the Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood Association to provide 30 Camden area youth with after school leadership development, civic engagement and social activities.

Twin Cities Media Alliance - $10,000. The project will work with underrepresented residents of North Minneapolis to develop skills in civic engagement. This will include training in working in civic organizations, media literacy and use of social media. A key goal of the project is to shape the way North Minneapolis neighborhoods are depicted in the media.

Organizing Apprenticeship Project - $5,000. Through a series of events designed to develop community leadership for racial equity across Minneapolis, this project will work to bring underrepresented voices to city policymaking.

2012-2013 Grant Cycle

The Year One Report is now available from the organizations awarded funding for the 2012-2013 grant cycle.  

The following organizations were awarded funding for the 2012-2013 grant cycle:

Lao Assistance Center - $20,000. The program established the Lao Leadership and Advocacy Institute to provide leadership training to Southeast Asian residents. A total of 33 people completed the program.

Pillsbury United Communities, Waite House - $20,000. Waite House organized community circles to provide an engagement networks for Latino residents in the Phillips Community. In the program, 26 participants attended 10 training workshops on engaging with neighborhood and community organizations.

Conflict Resolution Center - $22,000. The grant funded an ongoing youth leadership development program designed for low income Minneapolis youth of color. The program serves at-risk students and those who have been in contact with the juvenile justice system. Specific activities include mediation training for participants. The program also involved leadership development, conflict resolution instruction, restorative justice mediation, and peacekeeping circles.

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