Housing & Fire Inspections

Public Service Center
250 South 4th Street, Room 300
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Report a Problem

If you see a problem with a property in your neighborhood, call 311 or use one of the forms below.


Report Long Grass or Weeds
Grass or weeds taller than 8 inches is in violation of Minneapolis ordinance.

Report Possible Code Violations
Please check common violations to see if the problem is something that is covered by City ordinance or call 311.

Report Possible Unpermitted Work
If construction is going on without a permit displayed, use this form to report it. Read more about the types of work that require a permit or call 311.

Report Problems with your Rental Unit
If you have a problem with your apartment or rented house that cannot be resolved with your landlord, use this form to report it. You may also like to read about your rights as a renter at the Minnesota Attorney General’s website.

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Last updated Dec 15, 2016