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Rental License Fees

Annual License Fee

Minneapolis uses a tiered rental license billing structure. The annual license fee for a rental dwelling license or provisional license is $70.00 for the first rental dwelling unit at a Tier 1 rental property, and increases based on the number of units in the structure or the higher tier of the property. You can view the scoring worksheet used to calculate a property's tier here.

2015 Rental License Billing Tiering Diagram

A property's tier is based on its rental history, and focuses primarily on the condition and maintenance of the property itself. More information about tiering and the criteria can be found here.

Administrative Fee

New owners must apply for the license no later than 60 days after the closing date or an administrative fee will be charged. This administrative fee starts at $250.00 and increases by $20.00 for each additional unit.

Change of Ownership Fee

When a rental property changes ownership, it must be inspected for compliance with the Housing Maintenance Code. The fee for this inspection is $450.00. You can find more information about the change of ownership fee here.

Conversion Fee

When a dwelling is converted to rental property or has not had a license for the past 12 months, it must be inspected for compliance with the Housing Maintenance Code. The fee for this inspection is $1000.00. You can find more information about the conversion fee here.

Prorated Rental Licenses

The annual license fee is prorated by 50% for applications submitted between April 1 and June 31. A rental license must be obtained prior to renting or offering to rent the property.

Late Fee

All rental licenses expire on August 31. A rental license renewal received after September 15 is subject to a penalty charge of 25% of the license fee. 

Last updated Jul 26, 2016