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Rental License Fees

Annual License Fee

The annual license fee for a rental dwelling license or provisional license is $69.00 for the first rental dwelling unit and $19.00 for each additional rental dwelling unit under common ownership in the same building.

Fee for Conversions to Rental Property

When a dwelling is converted to rental property (or has not had a license for the last 12 months) it must be inspected for compliance with minimum housing standards. The fee for this required inspection is $1000.00. This fee is in addition to the annual license fee.

Exemptions: Buildings containing 6 or more dwelling units; dwellings owned by nonprofit entity (as defined); new construction.

Conversion Fee Discount

Conversion Fee: $1000.00 (one time inspection fee)

This inspection fee applies when a single family dwelling is being converted to a first time rental or has not held a valid license within 12 months. There is a reduction of $250 if the owner or agent can present proof of attendance at a recognized fundamentals of rental property management course as stated in the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, section 244.1870 (Fee must accompany the annual fee at time of application)

Per ordinance 244.1870 (b):

If, upon application for a license the owner or other natural person provides proof of prior attendance and successful completion within 5 years from the date of application of a recognized fundamentals of rental property management course approved by the director of regulatory services, the fee for the inspection shall be reduced to $750

Acceptable Classes:

Note: Proof of class completion MUST be presented at time of application in order to receive the discount.

New Owners of Rental Property

The license fee is reduced by 50% for new owners who purchase their property after April 1.

A rental licenses must be obtained prior to renting or offering to rent the property.

New owners have 60 days within the closing date to apply for a license or a $250.00 + $20.00 for each additional unit administrative fee will be charged.

Fine for Operating a Rental without a License

If an owner is issued a violation for operating a rental without a license, the owner is subject to an administrative fine of $500.00. This fee is in additional to any other appropriate enforcement action or fee due.

Late Fee

All rental licenses expire on August 31st. The license must be renewed by this date.

A rental license renewal received after September 15th is subject to a penalty charge of 50% of the license fee.

Fine for Not Posting 311 Poster

Landlords who do not post a 311 poster (pdf) in a common area of their building or within each rental unit if there is no common area are subject to a $200.00 administrative fine.

Last updated Dec 2, 2013