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Rental License Applications

A completed rental license application must be submitted, along with appropriate fees prior to the issuance of a rental license.

Providing proof of prior attendance and successful completion of a recognized "Fundamentals of Rental Property Management" course will qualify for a fee reduction. See the list of acceptable classes on the Rental License Fee page.

Minneapolis Has New Procedures for single family & duplex rental properties which required repairs identified in the Truth & Housing Inspection report. 

Below are application links for licensing your specific rental property in the City of Minneapolis. All rental properties, (including relative homestead properties) must be licensed.

1-4 Unit Buildings (single family home, duplex, triplex and four-plex). These properties are usually subject to the Conversion or Change of Ownership Inspection fees :

High Occupancy Buildings (5 apartment units or more):

Condominium, Townhome and Cooperative Rental Units:

Review the check list on the last page of the application prior to submitting your application.

Rental License General Rules

Minneapolis Rental Application Ordinances:

Last updated Oct 23, 2013