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Rental License Re-Instatement After Revocation


Minneapolis Code of Ordinances - 244.1945. Reinstatement fee. A fee of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) must accompany any application for reinstatement of any license or provisional license that has been denied, revoked or suspended pursuant to 244.1940, if the applicant is a new owner of the property. If the applicant for reinstatement was the owner of the property when the license or provisional license was denied, revoked or suspended under 244.2020, a fee of three thousand dollars ($3,000.00) must accompany any application for reinstatement. This reinstatement fee is in addition to the license fees imposed pursuant to section 244.1880. (99-Or-163, § 8, 12-17-99; 2009-Or-044, § 3, 5-22-09)

After the property has been certified as having no housing/zoning code violations, outstanding fees for administrative citations or assessments have been paid, reinstatement fee is paid, and the management plan has been accepted by the Crime Prevention Specialist for the area, the matter will be put on the next available agenda for the Regulatory, Energy & Environment (REE) Committee of the City Council. The REE committee normally meets twice per month.

The recommendation of REE is then forwarded to the next City Council meeting. If the City Council votes to reinstatement the license, it will be published in Finance & Commerce approximately 8 days after the Council meeting. After the Council Action is published in Finance & Commerce, the rental license can be issued.

The owner must submit a rental license application along with the appropriate rental license fees at this time. The property cannot be rented until the rental license has been issued.

Last updated Apr 20, 2012