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Holding Property Owners Accountable

The City of Minneapolis does not tolerate landlords who violate rental licensing standards. We hold property owners responsible for the condition of their properties and hold owners responsible to proactively plan for, address and respond to issues of tenant behavior. Landlords are required by law to comply with the conditions of their rental license and must be responsive to problems on their properties. Maintaining a rental license in the City of Minneapolis is a privilege.

Unfortunately, the City of Minneapolis has not been able to convince all property owners to comply with our laws. As a result, properties have been condemned for maintenance, licenses have been revoked and in some instances, properties have been demolished.

Rental License Revocation

We have increased our license revocations in the past few years for owners who have violated one or more rental license standards. Since 2005, the City of Minneapolis has increased the number of rental license revocations (pdf) by over 500%.

Owners ineligible to hold a rental license (pdf) in the City for a period of 5 years because 2 or more licenses are revoked or cancelled due to condemnation.


Condemnation of problem properties is based on substandard building conditions. Properties condemned (xls) for substandard condition have the Rental License automatically cancelled, which is equivalent to a revocation. After a property is condemned, it must be repaired and pass code compliance inspection in order to be reoccupied

Vacant Building Registration

The City of Minneapolis maintains a Vacant Building Registration (pdf). Vacant buildings in our neighborhoods are managed by City staff and property owners to either restore buildings to livable conditions or demolish them.


Demolitions are a part of the City’s strategy to remove the most egregious blighted properties that present life safety concerns. The City uses authority under the Chapter 249 Ordinance to demolish substandard properties.

Ordinance Changes

Additionally, the City of Minneapolis has made many ordinance changes to protect tenants and neighbors from problem landlords.

2005-2011 (YTD) Ordinance Changes - Title 12, Chapter 244 and other related Chapter Amendment List (pdf)

Last updated Apr 24, 2014