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Benefits After You Leave Employment

Under Federal law (COBRA) and Minnesota State law, employees and dependents who lose benefit coverage as a result of a qualifying event (such as termination of employment) have the right to continue medical, dental, HRA/VEBA, health care flexible spending account, and life insurance coverage under the City’s group benefit plans. The period of continued coverage is based on the ‘qualifying event.’ You must elect to continue coverage and must pay the full cost of the benefit plan(s) you elect to continue. The Notice of Continuation of Coverage Rights provides additional information.

The Benefits Office will send continuation information to eligible participants approximately four weeks after the last paycheck deductions has been taken for eligible benefit plans. This information will include election forms and payment instructions. It is important that you pay close attention to the instructions regarding election and premium payment deadlines.

Information about other benefit plans is contained in the Benefits after Separating Employment document.

Employees who retire have to make additional benefit decisions. The Retirement Benefits Guide provides basic information about retiring from the City.

Last updated Jan 19, 2017