Alphabetical Listing
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Adath Jeshurun Synagogue
Advance Thresher/Emerson-Newton Co.
Architects and Engineers Building
Augsburg Old Main
Avalon Theater
Backus, Charles T., House
Baker-Emerson House
Band Box Diner
Bardwell-Ferrant House
Basilica of St. Mary
Beard, Harington, House
Bennett-McBride House
Bovey, Charles C., House
Bremer, Fredrika Intermediate School
Brooberg, Frank and Karen, Residence
Calvary Baptist Church
Carpenter, Elbert L., House
Carpenter, Eugene J., House
Case-Lang House
Cattanach, Donald, House
Chadwick Cottages
Chase, Laura, Residence
Christ Lutheran Church
Coe, Amos B. House
Como-Harriet Streetcar Line
Concrete Block House  #2
Concrete Block House  #3
Concrete Block House  #4
Concrete Block House  #5
Concrete Block House  #6
Concrete Block House  #7
Concrete Block House  #8
Concrete Block House  #9
Concrete Block Rowhouse
Cream of Wheat Building
Crowell Block
Cutter, B.O. House
Day, F.E., House
Deinard Residence
Despatch Laundry Building
Dunn Mansion
El Lago Theater
Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank
Fire Station #13
Fire Station #19
Fire Station #28
First Church of Christ Scientist
Florence Court
Flour Exchange Building
Forum Cafeteria
Foshay Tower
Fournier House
Fowler Methodist and Episcopal Church
Franklin Avenue Bridge
Franklin Library
Franklin, Benjamin and Cora, House
Friedell, Aaron and Naomi, House
Garlick-Magney House
Gethsemane Episcopal Church
Gluek Building
Gluek, John G., House & Carriage House
Grain Exchange Building
Granada Theater
Green DeLaittre Warehouse
Groves, Frank M., House
Hafstad, Jacob, House
Handicraft Guild Building
Harrington, Charles M., House
Hennepin Theatre
Hewitt, Edwin H., House
Hewson, Samuel J., House
Hinkle, William H., House
Hollywood Theater
Hosmer Library
Jones, Harry W., House
Kaufmann, V.M.S., House
Kenwood Water Tower
Keyes, Charles Frederick, House
Kinnard-Haines Press Company
Ladd, Henry E., House
Lake Harriet Park Picnic Pavilion, and Women's and Men's Rest Buildings
Lakewood Memorial Chapel
Layman's Cemetery
Legg, Harry F., House
Lein, P.W., Duplex
Lind, John, House
Linden Hills Library
Linden Hills Methodist & Episcopal Church
Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged
Lohmar, John, House
Long, Frank B., House
Loring Theater
Lumber Exchange Building
Lyon, Charles B., House
Lyon, Daniel B., House
MacPhail School of Music
Madison School
Martin, Charles J., House
Masonic Temple
Maternity Hospital
Melrose Flats
Menage, Louis, Cottage
Mikro Kodesh Synagogue
Milwaukee Road Depot and Freight House
Minneapolis Brewing and Malting Company
Minneapolis City Hall/ The Municipal Building
Montefiore Cemetery and Chapel
Moorish Mansion Apartments
Morse, Elisha, House
Neils, Henry, House
Newell, George R., House
Nordstrom, John, Store
North Branch Library
Northern Implement Company
Northwestern Knitting Co. (Munsingwear)
Nott, William S., House
Ogden Apartment Hotel
Old East Lake Library
Old Walker Library
Olson, Floyd B., House
Owre, Dr. Oscar, House
Pantages Theater
Parker, Charles and Grace, House
Pierson-Wold House
Prescott, Philander, House
Prospect Park Water Tower
Purcell, William Gray, House
Quinlan, Elizabeth C., House
Rand Tower
Rappaport HouseRoosevelt Library
Sears, Roebuck & Co. Mail Order Warehouse and Retail Store
Second Church of Christ Scientist Tower
Semple, Anne C. and Frank B., House
Sharei Zedeck Synagogue
Shoreham Yards Roundhouse
Shubert Theater
Smith, Alden H., House
Smith, Lena O. House
Soo Line Building
State Theater
Stewart Memorial Church
Sumner Library
Swinford Townhouses/Apartments
Town Talk Diner
Turnblad, Swan, House
Uptown Theater
Van Dusen, George W., Mansion
Viehman Residence
Wakefield, Lyman E., House
Walling, Benjamin B., House
Washburn Park Water Tower
Wesley Methodist Church
West Fifteenth Street Rowhouses
White Castle #8
Widstrom, John A., Tenement
Willey, Malcolm, House
Winton, C., House
Wirth, Theodore, House
Woman's Club of Minneapolis
Y.M.C.A. Central Building
Young-Quinlan Department Store


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