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HealthyLiving Minneapolis

HealthyLiving Minneapolis is a network of Minneapolis organizations that provide accessible and affordable programs and services for healthy eating, physical activity, and tobacco cessation. This network of organizations partners with clinics to accept referrals and link patients to resources. The network's resources, along with similar resources statewide, are listed and updated online at www.MNHelp.Info .

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If you are a clinic interested in partnering with HealthyLiving to refer patients, this is what you can expect:


Partnerships across public health, clinics and community organizations capitalize on shared healthy lifestyle goals and provide coordinated services to meet community needs. The Healthy Living network is a sustainable way to connect Minneapolis residents to community-based resources to help them obtain and maintain a healthy weight, and to quit smoking. Healthy Living could be used to transform our community into one where people are linked to resources to live healthy via their schools, worksites, child care, and other venues, as well as their clinics.

Network Organizations

Network organizations were selected based on patient and provider needs for public, free and low-cost resources that meet cultural and linguistic needs. HealthyLiving Minneapolis network organizations that partner with clinics to accept referrals and link patients to resources are:

Partner Organizations

Partner organizations include network organizations providing services as well as other cultural and professional organizations that partner with HealthyLiving to meet its vision. Current partners are:

Program Contact

Lara Pratt, MPH
SHIP Manager, Minneapolis
Phone: (612) 673-3815


HealthyLiving Minneapolis Informational Handout

HealthyLiving Minneapolis Referral Form (2 per page) (1 per page)

HealthyLiving Minneapolis Pedometer Walking Challenge Log Book

Last updated Oct 23, 2013