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Contaminated Land

Land may become contaminated in many ways. Some causes of soil contamination are chemical spills, leaking storage tanks, or former industrial or commercial operations. When clean up of these lands is required, Minneapolis Environmental Services ensures that operations are compliant with City ordinances and permitting requirements.

Specific contaminated properties in Minnesota can be found in the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency databases. To access the databases, the property's site title, street address, city, and county are necessary. For information regarding land contamination for a specific site, click on following link.

Contaminated Sites

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When contaminated land is abandoned or not addressed, it may become a brownfield. Minneapolis is among the first cities in the country to actively reclaim abandoned brownfields. The Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) Brownfields Program is involved in remediating polluted sites for redevelopment. Environmental Services works closely with CPED, along with private and non-profit developers, by providing historical site information that identifies potential or existing environmental issues.

Last updated Sep 25, 2015