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Vertical mixed-use

'Mixed-use' generally refers to residential uses located above retail, service commercial, or offices. Vertical mixed-use re-creates and reinforces the form of traditional urban commercial districts. The added building height and diversity of uses encourages pedestrian activity and provides housing choices close to goods and services. The Zoning Code allows the mixing of uses within a site or building if such uses are Permitted or Conditional Uses within that district.

Mixed-Use Districts

Commercial Districts are the City's primary mixed-use districts. All commercial districts allow residential uses, subject to building bulk (FAR) and residential density controls (minimum lot area per unit). The Zoning Code does not require mixed-use development, but provides a density bonus of 20% in commercial districts where multi-family residential buildings devote at least 50 percent of the ground floor to commercial uses.

Office Residence Districts

The Office Residence districts were established to provide a mixed-use environment of residential, office and institutional uses. In addition, congregate living arrangements as well as social, cultural and recreational facilities are allowed to varying degrees. Retail uses are not allowed in the OR1 District, but "neighborhood serving retail" is allowed in a limited way in the OR2 and OR3 Districts.

Retail uses in OR2 and OR3 districts are limited to uses such as coffee shops, bakeries, drug stores, small restaurants and delis, salons, convenience stores, florists, and hardware stores. Uses may only be as much as 2,000 square feet and must be located on the ground floor of a multi-floored, mixed-use building of at least 20,000 square feet. No more than two such uses are allowed per lot.

Residential in Industrial Districts

Residential uses are prohibited in Industrial Districts, except where the Industrial Living (IL) Overlay District applies. This district was established to encourage the rehabilitation and reuse of existing industrial structures and to provide for limited residential and retail uses where they are compatible in the I1-Light Industrial and I2-Medium Industrial Districts.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011