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Pedestrian-oriented building form/placement

The Zoning Code promotes traditional building orientation in that most new buildings must front the public right-of-way, sitting no further than eight feet from the property line(s), except where a larger setback is required2. Parking facilities must be located to the rear or interior side of the site, within the principal building served, or entirely below grade. This is the case for uses that are subject to Site Plan Review3 (see table on following page), or any site with a Pedestrian Oriented Overlay District. For uses in the C1 and C3A districts not covered by Site Plan Review, and not part of a PO Overlay District, an incentive to build to the street is provided by the allowance for larger individual commercial uses. (See above under Encouraging Smaller Scale Retail Uses.)

Uses and Structures Subject to Section 530,
Site Plan Review

Buildings containing twenty thousand (20,000) square feet or more of new or additional gross floor area 4

Automobile services (new and change to existing)

Drive-through, uses with

Drug stores

Food and beverages uses

Grocery store

Medical facilities


_ Freestanding accessory parking garages containing thirty (30) or more new or additional parking spaces

_ Principal parking facilities containing ten (10) or more new or additional parking spaces

Public services and utilities (e.g., police station, electrical substation)

Recycling facilities

Residential uses containing five (5) or more new or additional dwelling units or rooming units

Storage, self-service

Shopping centers


Transportation uses (e.g., bus garage, taxicab service)

Video stores

2 Commercial Districts do not have yard requirements, except where abutting Residence or Office Residence Districts.

3 This provision does not apply to uses in the C3S (Shopping Center) District.

4 Uses in the Downtown districts are subject to Site Plan Review if they exceed 50,000 square feet. Anticipated revisions to Site Plan Review may include requirements that all new construction meet the standards of this chapter.

Last updated Nov 3, 2011