Amendments to the Charter

The City Charter can be amended either by a ballot question or through a unanimous vote of the City Council upon the recommendation of the Charter Commission.

A Charter Amendment may be proposed to go before the residents of Minneapolis as a Ballot Question by:

Significant dates for Charter amendments in 2016

Specific timelines apply for placing a Charter amendment question on the 2016 General Election ballot. This calendar includes regularly scheduled meeting dates. It is possible the Charter Commission, the City Council Intergovernmental Relations Committee, or the City Council may schedule additional or special meetings.

All dates are for the 2016 calendar year.

May 8 - July 12

Period to submit a petition to place a City Charter question on the November General Election ballot

June 1

Charter Commission meeting

Aug. 3

Last regularly scheduled Charter Commission meeting to transmit a petition to the City Council

Aug. 11

Last regularly scheduled City Council Intergovernmental Relations Committee meeting to recommend ballot language for City Council approval

Aug. 19

Last regularly scheduled City Council meeting to approve ballot language (early publication of action required)

Aug. 26

Last day to provide ballot language to Hennepin County, 74 days prior to the general election (M.S. 205.16 Subd. 4)

Nov. 8

2016 General Election

Last updated Oct 30, 2015