Ride Predictably

More and more people in Minneapolis are realizing that bicycling is an easy and efficient way to get around our city. You might be one of the thousands of people who do so each day. While bicycling can bring increased mobility, it comes with just as much responsibly as walking down the street or driving a car. When you’re riding your bicycle, you must ride predictably and follow traffic laws.

While not following traffic laws is simply illegal, it is more importantly a safety issue. Disregarding traffic laws, leads to crashes and injuries – we know this for a fact. One in three bicycle crashes in Minneapolis involve a bicyclist riding against traffic, failing to yield, or running a red light.Please follow the rules and ride predictably.

Being predictable is safe and easy. It’s also the law.

one way signRide with traffic, not against it (MN State Statutes 169.18 and 169.222)

traffic lightStop at all stop lights and stop signs (MN State Statutes 169.06 and 169.222)

lightBe seen at night – use a light (MN State Statute 169.222)

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Last updated May 10, 2013