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Street Lighting and Street Maintenance Assessment on Nongovernmental Tax Exempt Parcels

These are permanent annual assessments, meaning they will be assessed every year.

The assessments are authorized by State Law.

The assessments were first levied on payable 1974 taxes. Rates were updated in 1978. Rates and methodology were updated in 2009.

There is a separate assessment for street lighting and street maintenance.

Assessed properties include:

Assessments pay for a portion of the following activities.

Assessment totals for individual properties are based on the assessment rate and the assessable area for each property.

The assessment rate is determined by dividing the street maintenance and street lighting budget by the citywide assessable square footage. The same rate is applied to all eligible properties.

Assessable area for each property is determined via the uniform influence area assessment policy (property area calculation). All property areas are calculated in the same manner.

The updating of rates and methodology in 2009 included mailed notice to property owners, two community meetings, and a public hearing at the City Council.

Minneapolis City Council adopted updated rates and methodology on November 13, 2009. Street Maintenance assessment was adopted at 1/3 the proposed rate with direction to phase in the assessment to the full proposed rate for payable 2011 taxes. Any increase in the assessment will require notification of property owners and a public hearing process.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011