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Special Assessments for Capital Improvements

My tax statement says I owe money for a special assessment. What’s it for?

A Special Assessment is a fee collected by the City for improvements or services the City provides that benefit your property. Special assessments can be used to finance many different types of local improvements, including:

Assessments for improvements to park property are handled by the Minneapolis Park Board.

How do I know what the special assessment on MY tax statement is for?

Whether it is an improvement project, a fine, or unpaid bill—you’ve likely received one or more notices from the City before the charge ended up on your tax statement as a special assessment. Don’t recall? To learn more about a special assessment on your tax statement, call (612) 673-2401. Please have your Property Tax ID available.

What is a Special Service District?

The City collects special assessments from non-residential property owners within Special Service Districts. The assessment covers the cost of services, like cleaning or maintaining pedestrian areas, which are not ordinarily provided elsewhere in the City.

What does it mean when a special assessment is "pending" or "levied?"

Last updated Sep 27, 2011